Close-Up / Strolling

This is Ben’s most requested style of magic! Performed table-side or strolling through the room; Ben moves from table to table or from group to group amazing your guests with magic that happens right in their hands! Spoons twist and warp! Borrowed coins bend! The hands of a guests’ watch spin wildly! Pens and glasses jump and dance on your guests’ hands! You can see Ben’s Close-Up magic in action every weekend at Otto’s Pub & Brewery and Quaker Steak & Lube!



Ben twists your guests’ reality with a full-sized evening show performed on a formal stage! This is an exciting blend of illusion, sleight of hand, and mind reading! In Ben’s world the laws of physics DO NOT APPLY!

Bowling balls appear out of thin air! Drawings come to life! Bodies pass through solid objects! Delicate roses dance and float! Thoughts are plucked from the minds of audience! Silverware bends, twists, and melts at Ben’s fingertips! And for a grand finale Ben twists the laws of nature by making it snow on the stage!

This show is designed to accommodate audiences of 100 to 1000. Running time is approximately 1 hour. The show is tailored to meet your needs and can include making your CEO or Guest Speaker appear onstage! 



Mentalism – Mind Reading

Looking for something different? Ben has branched out into a rarely seen performance art: MENTALISM! Using nothing more than a few slips of paper, a watch, a cell phone, or a borrowed book, Ben reaches in and grabs the very thoughts from his audiences’ minds!

Drawing on subtle psychological ploys, a knowledge of body language, and a deep understanding of how the mind processes information, Ben will have your guests gasping as he reveals their birthdates, the exact time of their wedding, and even the name of their first love!

Combined with his charming personality and smooth style, Ben’s mind reading act might just make you believe in ESP! As always, Ben’s shows are fun, customized to your event, and completely G-rated!

    When Ben comes to perform for your next function just be sure to think happy thoughts!


   Most people have never seen magic performed so closely. Ben’s close-up magic always produces gasps, applause, and even the occasional scream! Ben at your next party is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!